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Frequently Asked Questions


We welcome all of your questions and comments! Feel free to contact us at It is our pleasure to serve you!



Q: Is Sterling Fitness Equipment a manufacturer or reseller of fitness equipment?

A: Sterling Fitness Equipment is an actual manufacturer of fitness equipment and fitness equipment provider. We specialize in the Hydraulic Circuit Training Equipment for men, women, and children, but we also provide Selectorized Circuit Units, Weight Benches, Aerobic Power Boards, Stands, Racks, and more!

Q: How much additional cost and time to private-label equipment with my club's name and logo?

A: We offer professional private-label services to our customers at no extra charge and no additional processing time is required.

Q: What kind of warranty do you offer on your machines and cylinders and what kind of service can I expect from your company?

A: We offer a Lifetime Guarantee on all of our Circuit Max Hydraulic Circuit Training Equipment and on the cylinders that provide the dual resistance. We do not want to spend most of our time replacing cylinders so we use a tried and true product. Whether your club is located in the USA or in another country, we offer the same dependable service. Our LASER STRENGTH LINE comes with a 10 year warranty on frames, 3 years on cylinders and moving parts, 6 months on upholstery.

Q: How does your equipment compare to other companies who are selling the hydraulic fitness equipment?

A: Just to name a few ways our company differs from the rest:

Sterling Fitness uses absolutely no bushings, only pillow-block and linear-ball bearings, when building our Circuit Max hydraulic fitness equipment. This ensures longevity of our products as well as smoother operating movements.

Some companies "bake" their equipment after assembly, never removing key components from the machines. This saves them a lot of time and money, but costs you in a multitude of problems later.

Also, all of our upholstery products are produced with advanced vinyl protection, PERMABLOK3, which consists of built-in anti-bacterial agents especially for use in clubs, daycares, and hospitals.


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Q: How many cylinders do your machines use? Is there dual resistance and are they adjustable?

A: Circuit Max machines will utilize one or two adjustable hydraulic cylinders or 1- "Power Cylinder" per machine. Our LASER STRENGTH LINE utilizes one cylinder with 5 adjustment levels.

Where can I see your equipment before I buy?

A: Sterling Fitness is happy to offer you several references to help you in your equipment decision. We are also accepting applications for individuals who are interested in becoming a reseller of our fitness products. For more information, please email or call us today.

Q: How long will it take to receive my equipment after placing my deposit?

A: Because your order is a custom order, we stock only minimal machine frame items. Please allow at least 4 - 8 weeks from the time you make your first initial deposit for your equipment to be ready to ship. Shipping overseas can take from 14 - 60 days travel time depending on your location.

Q: What color choices are available?

A: We have hundreds of Upholstery Colors, styles, and textures. Also, you can choose from several different frame colors. This gives our customers who wish to franchise their clubs extra branding power to customize their equipment. Keep in mind that when choosing non-standard upholstery and frame colors some additional processing time may be required.*

*No additional cost for most non-standard colors

Q: Do you allow flexibility in what machines make up the packages?

A: Yes, you may currently choose from 19 different stations to complete your Circuit Max circuit system! Currently, we offer 12 LASER STRENGTH stations to choose from.

Q: What all is included in your Circuit Training Power Packages?

A: All Adult Power Packages include:

Plus Much More!



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