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Adjustable Hydraulic Fitness

Personal Selection

Power System

The Double Positive Resistance Fitness Experience...Right At Your Fingertips!


PERSONAL POWER SELECTION SYSTEM or Hydraulic Circuit Resistance System Resistance Fitness allows users to change the level of resistance from 1 (easiest) through 9 (hardest) levels of resistance strength settings right at your fingertips, while exercising! It may be used in individual or group / class settings. (1 - 3 Beginning / Cardio, 4 - 6 Intermediate / Endurance, 7 - 9 Athletic / Strength).

You can even change the speed or resistance for either direction independently! The experience offers new, unique, and limitless potential that both current exercisers can add to their program while also enabling mature populations with previous limitations to be able to utilize resistance strength and cardio training. Absolutely the BEST and SAFEST for Senior Retirement Communities and Centers!


Chest Press with Selectorized Resistance System





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